Renowned Author, Poet and Advocate

Colin Thiele wrote for more than fifty years, becoming known as one of Australia's most accomplished and versatile authors and poets. Publishing over 100 titles in his life, many were translated into different languages and made into movies or television series.

Colin's descriptions and representations of the Australian landscape, environment and rural life are a unique trademark of his writing. His writing evokes a love of Australia, which he passes on to his readers.

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A selection of Colin Thiele's work

One of Colin Thiele's early works was a volume of poetry published in 1945. Progress to Denial: A Poem was the winning entry in the W. J. Miles Memorial Competition held in 1944 for a patriotic poem.  

Progress to Denial_Inside cover.pdf

First edition copy of Progress to Denial: a Poem, signed by Colin Thiele

In the 1960's Colin Thiele began turning his writing talents to children's novels, often describing life in rural South Australia.  The popularity of these books continues to this day, with many of the titles such as Storm Boy, Blue Fin, Fire in the Stone and Sun on the Stubble adapted for film or television.

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SCM 200 Typewriter

From the late 1960's to the 1980's Colin wrote all of his works on his trusty Smith-Corona electric typewriter. This included aroud 40 children's books, over a dozen books for adults, along with many lectures, addresses, conference papers, after dinner speeches, introductions and forewords. Colin estimated that his trusty typewriter produced more than two million words.

Colin Thiele was a passionate advocate for the environment and he embedded this passion into his writing.  Many of his books centred on themes of care for animals and the nature of the relationship between humans and the natural world.

The Coorong_book cover.pdf
The Coorong_inside cover_2.pdf

Title page from The Coorong: Reading the Land 

This focus on environmentalism extended beyond his fiction, with Colin penning several non-fiction titles about the Australian environment and landscape.  He particularly focused on areas within Australia, such as the Coorong region - the backdrop for his most famous title Storm Boy and the non-fiction title The Coorong: Reading the Land, which discusses the natural and cultural resources of the Murray-Darling Basin.

Renowned Author, Poet and Advocate